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I hope you’re enjoying the photos on this site. I wanted you to get a sense of what it was like being there, in these inspiring celebrations.
I really enjoyed taking the photos and I hope that comes across. Friends and acquaintances ask if I don’t find wedding photography stressful and I have to say that I don’t. I’ve been shooting professionally for over 12 years and that includes some big campaigns and magazine editorials, events, portraits, wedding, fashion and even still life. You can see some of this work here: www.photographerforhire.co.uk and here: www.odcphotography.co.uk
Working on hundreds of shoots has taught me a lot and I still get excited from every shoot I do. People are interesting, inspiring and never ordinary, I try to let this come out through the photos.
Good photography, especially wedding photography, is about capturing somethings that’s real, alive, breathing, moving and brave.
I like to help people relax, ignore the camera, celebrate and have fun. When I need to direct I like this to be organic to the people in front of the lens (even if they are professional models and actors). This approach gets the best out of people because it captures something real, comfortable and unique.
It’s also a great honour to be chosen to photograph a wedding and I always try to respect this by giving back the best experience and photos that I possibly can.

Besides photography I’m also a dad and that has taught me more than anything about life, love, dedication and wet wipes.

I’d love to hear about you, even if it’s not about a booking. Drop me a line or leave a comment and say hello.

Peace and love

Odi Caspi

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