Alternative wedding photography

The word alternative is often associated with darkly themed weddings and grungy locations, but the way I see it, it’s about individuality and not conforming to the “rules” and “must haves” that the wedding industry often dictates.
wedding-photography-soho-119Our culture has evolved a lot in recent years and there is a lot more openness allowing people to pave their own ways, styles and beliefs.
Most of the couples I photograph aren’t necessarily set out to do things differently but simply want their wedding do to fit their style: be individual, joyous and people centric.alternative-wedding-photography-london-017 alternative-wedding-photography-london-026I try to contribute to their weddings by being sensitive, happy and mostly unobtrusive while focusing on people and emotions.
I don’t have a set of rules for wedding photography but simply approach each wedding individually, trying to sense the atmosphere and mood. wedding-photographer-south-london-262 Talking to couples in advance helps a great deal in figuring out what they will like. It also help everyone feel relaxed about the process. alternative-wedding-photography-london-022
In a sense we are all “alternative” when we follow our inner voice, I try to let this come out in the alternative-wedding-photography-london-073 hertford-registry-wedding-027

I hope you enjoyed these photos.