Black & White Wedding Photography

Almost everybody loves a good black and white photo.
By taking away colour, the photos are taken into a medium of their own, an different version of the reality we see.
Black and white photography is great for eliminating distracting element in a photo, drawing the our attention to shape and form.

Hampstead Wedding Photographerwedding-photographer-south-london-224Bride Portrait Black and whitePhotos can look timeless and classic, connecting in our association to images we’ve seen in the past.
Islington Wedding Photographer Islington Wedding Photographer Islington Wedding PhotographerReportage Wedding PhotographerMundane interiors can become effective frames around a subjectReportage Wedding PhotographerBlack and white emphasises the use of lines in photos.
You can view more photos from this wedding in Hammersmith here (opens up in a new window)
wedding-photographer-islington-008 Islington wedding photographer islington-wedding-photographer-11Less distractions mean that every day surroundings often look cinematic and inspiring. This walk down from Islington town hall would look different in colour. Hampstead Wedding Photographerand textures really come out. Hampstead Wedding Photographerwedding-photographer-south-london-323-2Composition plays a big role when there is not colour. Hampstead Wedding Photographer

I use a lot of black and white for my wedding photography. Couples often request it and  I really enjoy the discipline.
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