Documentary Wedding Photography in the City of London

A last minute wedding photography booking with a couple of dear friends. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing this joyous event at The Anthropologist near Moorgate. It’s incredible how quiet this busy business district is on weekends. It meant we could fill the sidewalk and also take some spontaneous wedding portraits outside of the iconic Guildhall.

Wedding photographer St Paul's LondonGetting ready to walk down the aisle at The Anthropologist.

Despite the low light at the venue, we managed to capture some natural wedding moments during the ceremony.

City of London weddingDocumentary wedding photographer LondonA singalong and dance during the wedding ceremony.

This is actually an outtake from the group shot but I love these types of moments. The cyclist forever immortalised in the wedding album. A real London wedding moment.
I’ve photographed in the Guildhall before and always wanted to take some nice portraits outside the building. Photographing the wedding on a weekend allowed us access to an almost empty Guildhall as a backdrop for these fun wedding portraits.
The City of London is surprisingly empty on weekend, which was perfect for these wedding portraits.

Photographing Kate and Fi’s wedding in the City of London was a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a documentary wedding photographer in London and would like to have similar style photos of your wedding why don’t you get in touch? We can have a chat about your wedding plans and how you’d like your day documented.