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Do wedding portraits have to look staged?

As a photographer specialising in documentary style weddings, I often work with couples that prefer natural looking wedding photos.
Most of my clients are not fans of the traditional set of wedding poses. After all it’s 2016, and things have moved on.
The fact that other couples do it doesn’t mean that you have to!

I love photographing people and I do a lot of portraits for different non-wedding clients

My attitude towards wedding portraits is to create conditions for couples (and other guests) to feel and look relaxed and natural. I like to make the whole process simple, easy and enjoyable. I see the real people in front of the lens and try to make them shine in their own way. islington-wedding-photographer-11wedding-photographer-south-london-191

I give directions but these are mainly simple and easy to follow tips, often encouraging a free flow of movement. 

It’s a balance between keeping and releasing control. I need to have some control of the photo but the more I can let go, the more interesting it will come out. Reportage Wedding Photographer

I also try to create scenarios where the bride and groom are doing something, walking, or talking and these are often the most interesting shots as they have a real documentary feel to them. London Wedding Photographer

Wedding photos are a matter of taste, and I don’t believe in right or wrong, but I do believe it’s important to find what’s right for you.