Documentary wedding photography in Islington

A lot of fun to shoot, this was a real last-minute surprise. We literally met less than a week before the wedding and agreed to go ahead. It’s fun being booked by couples who like my informal style of photography and appreciate capturing candid moments.
I also always prefer to meet for a chat, even though it takes a bit of time, it really helps to get to know each other before the day.

We met in the old Arsenal stadium for some shots before the wedding. I didn’t know this place existed, what a cool development The to live in!

The council chamber in Islington Town Hall is such a nice room to photograph in.

I like the fact that Islington’s registrars are quite relaxed about what we photographers can shoot. Some venues don’t allow me to photograph the signings but I think it’s much nicer to take photos of the real thing, rather than posing it later.
Islington Town Hall offers a few sweet spots for wedding portraits.

There were some confetti canons that fired with a slight delay, better late than never…

The large group shot on the stairs of Islington town hall. It’s a classic but it works so well. A bunch of beautiful people inside and out.

Can you guess who is the lucky catcher?

Walking into Unity Hall on Upper Street, Islington. It’s the first time I’m photographing a wedding at this venue and was pleasantly surprised by how well the space turned out.

I don’t see enough joint speeches by the bride and groom, they are always nice to hear and photograph. I’d like to see more of these please! (hmm… hint!)

I was shooting in increasingly low light to get some natural documentary photos. I then switched on to my special (top secret) wedding dance lighting.

I really loved being around in this beautiful couple’s wedding. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos too.
If you’re getting married and like this type of photos, give me a call and let’s talk.

All the best

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