Brian & Ela – Wedding in Switzerland

I took Brian & Ela’s portraits in the studio, we got on well and kept in touch. One day they asked me to come to Switzerland and take their wedding photos. And so this wonderful adventure began. I flew in one day before the wedding to checkout the town scout for locations.
natural-wedding-photographer-001 natural-wedding-photographer-002 natural-wedding-photographer-003

It was a lightly cloudy day with a drizzle, for the photos this added a lot of magic and atmosphere. natural-wedding-photographer-004 natural-wedding-photographer-005 natural-wedding-photographer-007 natural-wedding-photographer-009 natural-wedding-photographer-010 natural-wedding-photographer-011 natural-wedding-photographer-013 natural-wedding-photographer-014natural-wedding-photographer-015We through the town to the reception natural-wedding-photographer-016natural-wedding-photographer-017natural-wedding-photographer-018natural-wedding-photographer-019 natural-wedding-photographer-020White homing pigeons were waiting to be released by the couple
natural-wedding-photographer-021 natural-wedding-photographer-022 natural-wedding-photographer-023 natural-wedding-photographer-025 natural-wedding-photographer-026 natural-wedding-photographer-027Some well kitted wedding guests where causing me camera envy! natural-wedding-photographer-028 natural-wedding-photographer-029 natural-wedding-photographer-030We spent about 5 minutes taking these portraits
natural-wedding-photographer-033 natural-wedding-photographer-034 natural-wedding-photographer-035 natural-wedding-photographer-036 natural-wedding-photographer-037 natural-wedding-photographer-038 natural-wedding-photographer-039 natural-wedding-photographer-040 natural-wedding-photographer-041Speeches, dinner and a very relaxed atmosphere in this beautiful venue.
natural-wedding-photographer-042 natural-wedding-photographer-043 natural-wedding-photographer-044

“What a great job! I mean you’re capable of bringing the sun out 🙂 What else can I say?!
I love them all. The port series is amazing it does look like a sunny afternoon; nobody can tell I was freezing!! It’s all very smooth, lively, lovely & happy. How nice to look at 500 pictures where everyone smiles at all times :)”