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Wedding Party and Dance Photography

Many photographers stay till the first dance and go. While this is fine for some weddings, others come to life in the later part of the evening and it’s great to stay a bit longer.
There’s no “one rule fits all” when it comes to people or wedding parties.
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Some wedding parties are the best part of the day while other might not even have dances.
Of course photographing people dancing isn’t the easiest thing to do. Some moves just don’t look that great when you freeze them and the dancefloor is usually quite dark.
While I try to avoid flash for most of the wedding, during the dances, I will usually have a complex setup with 2-4 flashes going off at the same time.
It means the photos don’t look flat and the action is frozen in a dramatic way. North London Wedding Photographer North London Wedding Photographer

I’ll usually stay for 2-3 songs after the first dance and then play it by ear, depending on how things develop.
Getting good dance shots in a wedding is challenging, but it’s a very rewarding feeling when you get it right.
North London Wedding PhotographerNorth London Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking for a different wedding photographer, to capture your wedding day in a raw, fun and creative way get in touch and I can recommend someone.