Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your turnarounds?

A lot of work goes into the photos after the day so it can take up to a month to get the photos. Short wedding day often take less as there are less photos to process.
Occasionally a couple might have a deadline they need to meet with photos and it’s best to discuss.

Do we get copyrights for the photos?
I give unlimited personal usage rights to all wedding photos.
This means is that you can print, reprint, email, upload and share with whoever you want. This covers any use you would expect of wedding photos.
If you’re unsure of what this means to you, give me a call.  My core principle is about giving the photos to the couple (without any watermarks) to keep and enjoy forever.

We want to share the photos straight after the wedding, is it possible to get some photos sooner?
I do prefer to give you the photos in highest possible quality but they are there for you and if you want a few sooner please discuss this with me and I’ll make it happen. So the short answer is yes.

We love Black & White shots, is it possible to get some done?
Yes. I usually give a mixture of colour and black and white, depending on what suits the shot better. If you tell me about your preferences I will make sure you get more of what you love.

You also shoot other subjects (mainly portraits and fashion). Does this detract from your wedding photography?
Not at all, it enriches my perspective and means I have certain skills that can come in handy when photographing weddings. I have photographed enough weddings to be fluent in the genre yet I am always passionate about it and think creatively.

How do the payment and booking fee work?
To confirm a date a booking of 25% of the total total cost is made. This secures the date. The remaining fee is due 1 week before the wedding unless agreed otherwise.

Do you have insurance? 
Yes, I have public liability insurance of up to £2m. (that should be enough hopefully!)

What happens if you’re ill?
I will still come if I’m ill. In the 13 years I’ve worked as photographer I haven’y had to cancel a single assignment out of the thousands I’ve taken. I also have colleagues and assistants I can call on as a safety net.

Do you retouch the photos?
My personal opinion is that well shot images look naturally beautiful, flattering, real and authentic without retouching. I use a combination of light and perspective to achieve the results you see on these pages. I also spend a lot of time adjusting the colours and tones to achieve a consistent character.
Occasionally I will get a request to do some retouching, i.e remove specific components from individual images. This could be a sign in the background, a stain on a piece of clothing or a spot on someone’s skin. It’s a good idea to talk about things in advance so I can understand your needs and offer the best solutions.

Can we meet you before the wedding?
Yes. I always try to meet couples before their wedding day. If distance is an issue a skype meeting can also take place. It’s good to talk, see each other and ask each other questions.

How many photos will we get?
The number of shots varies depending on the length of the wedding, the amount of guests, and how many photo opportunities present themselves. It’s easy to take thousands of photos but it’s much more meaningful to create a well curated set of images. For most weddings I deliver between 400-700 images. I don’t hold photos back from you for more money, I simply edit out any double shots or closed eyes so that you can get a collection of beautiful images that represent your wedding day well.

Privacy policy
The website privacy policy can be found here.


If you have any more questions, email or call 079 5868 1276.

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