Wedding Photographer Hertford

Wedding Photography at Hanbury Manor Hertfordshire

I’ve spoken, emailed and met with Charlotte & Joseph so many times that I really did feel like we’re good friends by the time we actually got to the wedding.
It was great to be there for them and to capture all those little unique moments which made their wedding special.Hanbury Manor Wedding Photography Beautiful bride en route to ceremony. Note to myself, add red velvet seating to the wishlist.   There’s a firsdt for everything and this was the first time I got to photograph on a moving golf buggy. Rock and roll! OK I admit it, this shot was setup, I didn’t happen to pass by and Charlotte didn’t happen to be sitting there. It’s still one of my favourites!  When all your friends are incredible dancers

A few months after the wedding I was shooting a large scale advertising campaign and was lucky enough to have Charlotte and Joseph model some of it. It was great seeing them again and working with them in a totally different siutation.
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