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Hampstead’s a nice part of the world. If you’ve been to the area before it’s hard not to fall in love with it. If you’re a wedding photographer, it’s hard to find a nicer place for photos. The little streets and alleyways just ooze character, history and art. There’s a feeling of discovery with each corner you turn, and plenty to discover.

Hampstead wedding photographer

An intimate wedding in Burgh House, Hampstead.

At the heart of Hampstead lies the Heath. A 790-acre park with stretches of grass, trees and ponds. Some of the ponds are even open for swimming, highly recommended on a warm summer day.

Hampstead heath wedding photos

Hampstead wedding photography

Hampstead wedding photography

Wedding in Hampstead Heath Pergola Gardens

It’s hard to imagine a nicer venue for an outdoor wedding. Weddings in the Pergola Gardens can happen in a couple of different locations, depending on the size of the wedding party. This first wedding had the ceremony under the dome, with friends and family sitting bellow and looking up to the couple.
Hampstead Wedding PhotographerHampstead Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Hampstead Pergola Hampstead Wedding Photographer

The Pergola is tucked away from the roads and you’ll have to walk a few minutes to reach the closest car park in Jack Straw’s Castle.
Hampstead Wedding Photographer Hampstead Wedding Photographer

The pergola itself provides endless opportunities for portraits.

Hampstead wedding photography London

Larger weddings can take place at the very beginning of the Pergola, where the flat grassed area allows for more seating.

Hampstead pergola wedding photography Hampstead pergola wedding photography A good singalong with the help of a string quartet.
Wedding photography Hampstead pergola LondonWedding photography Hampstead pergola LondonThe dappled light and long corridor of brickwork make an interesting location for wedding portraits.


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