Reviews from my google profile (PhotographerforHire.co.uk is also my website)

LM-281“My wife and I are absolutely delighted with Odi’s photographs of our wedding. Odi’s background in fashion photography shone through in the ‘staged’ pictures. He had already scouted out the location and was able to pick out the best spots. He even managed to make me look good. However, we were even more impressed with the general photos that Odi took throughout the event. He really captured the spirit and feel of our most special day. Odi is also a really lovely guy and a joy to have around. We can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Matthew & Louise Robinson


Islington Wedding Photographer“Odi was fabulous on the day of our wedding. He really knows how to get a natural and fun shots! He was a pleasure and the pictures are really good! Thanks again Odi! X”

Sylvia & Dean


“Odi was absolutely fantastic, an absolute gent and an absolute pleasure to work with. We had a small wedding ceremony with our nearest and dearest and he captured it all perfectly, indeed better than we could have imagined.

He was meticulous in his preparation, arriving way in advance and being sure not to take over the day by dragging myself and my husband (!) around to take pictures. Instead he asked us how we wanted it and what we wanted to come through from the day. He was very well mannered and conscientious, just what you need from a photographer.

And the photos – fantastic shots with the eye of someone who really knows what he is doing. Really can’t recommend him enough. We will certainly use him again as it’s stress free, and that’s how it should be.”

Ana & Dave

Hampstead Wedding Photographer“We had the absolute pleasure of Odi photographing our wedding-on the day he was friendly and relaxed, almost invisible at times yet willing to do as asked. The end result cannot be bettered-his services are highly recommended-Thanks so much!”

Gemma & Will

“Odi shot our engagement pictures and he did a phenomenal job – it was really fun (despite my awkwardness!) and the photos are absolutely beautiful – we couldn’t be happier with Odi’s work – he really knows how it’s done.”

Fia & Adam


North London Wedding PhotographerI never write reviews but I can not recommend Odi Caspi and PhotographrForHire enough. If what you are looking for is someone who will listen to you, capture the people you love- how you love them and unobtrusively bring out the soul and style of the day, then yes, he is totally, totally recommended!

I trawled through about forty different websites to find a wedding photographer and did not find what I was looking for. Everything I came across was either too cheesy and staged, too corny and self consciously twee, or so natural that it was just the backs of people’s heads. Then a friend recommended PhotographerForHire and Odi to me. I was really drawn to the fact that he shoots for fashion as well as weddings and when I saw his photos, I was really struck by his understated sense of style. I am so thrilled that I was given that recommendation.

Odi has this incredible ability to non invasively photograph all of the fast paced happenings of a wedding day, whilst at the same time, also being able to capture the gentle and subtle moments exchanged between people. I do not know how he did it. I hardly saw that he was taking photos during the day and yet there are so many beautiful photos that have come back. He really listened to what we wanted and he was so kind to us, to everyone at the wedding; many people commented after the wedding on how nice a person he was. My husband and I had a series of photos taken right after the wedding ceremony. It was just the two of us and it gave us a moment to breathe before the party. Odi was so relaxing to spend that moment with. It is the only time of the whole day that I really remember in full.

But, most importantly, the photos came back quickly and are absolutely beautiful and really captured everything; the people we love; the funny moments; the emotional moments and how superbly elated we both felt on the day. It is true what people say, your wedding is the best day of your life but it goes by so fast. To be honest, I can only remember a fraction of it. It really felt like I was watching it happen in fast forward. Thank goodness for the the photos! They are there forever and they remind us that it was all exactly what we hoped our wedding would look and feel like- laid back, a lot of fun but with a degree of elegance.

Some of Odi’s photos are so creatively composed that they could easily be found in a gallery. They genuinely capture the depths of people’s personalities that Odi had never met before the wedding day. He has a remarkable gift for photographing people. Like I said, I am not one for review writing, which may be why this is so long but I was so impressed I had to write it out. The hardest part now is choosing which ones will go in our album and which will go on the walls.”

Sonia & Daniel


Excerpts from Emails

“We were absolutely overwhelmed by how perfectly you captured our day.  The whole family are “tickled pick” by the quality and feel of the photographs.  Your approach to the day, and the style of images was exactly what we had hoped for.

All the important people are there, as well as so many moments we would have missed otherwise.  These photographs will provide us with exceptional memories for all the years ahead , so thank you for making that possible and being such an important part of our day. 

When booking our photographer my dad expressed that he didn’t “understand why photographers these days took so many pictures”.  At their wedding they had about 15 photos and decided not to pay the extra for colour!  Naomi’s parents’ photographer ran off without ever giving them their photos…

Needless to say they are ABSOLUTELY thrilled and now understand the value of a “modern” photographer!!!  So thank you for converting them.

Kat (and Nom!) xxxx”


These are amazing-thanks so much! If there is anything Will and I can do to help endorse your work we would be very willing to help. Thank you and we hope you enjoyed the experience too. “

What a great job! I mean you’re capable of bringing the sun out 🙂 What else can I say?!
I love them all. The port series is amazing it does look like a sunny afternoon; nobody can tell I was freezing!! It’s all very smooth, lively, lovely & happy. How nice to look at 500 pictures where everyone smiles at all times :)”

Hi Odi
Thanks again for the high and low res copies. They are fab!
Thanks for making the experience so pleasant and pain-free 😀
Wishing you all the best!”

“Absolutely thrilled thank you!!!  These are everything we hoped they would be…
K xx
PS Have a WONDERFUL well deserved holiday

Oh Odi they are lovely, thanks so much!!! Great job 👍 … Thanks for your lovely pics x”

“Daniel and I have looked through the photos about ten times- we just love them. Thank you so much! You have captured so many lovely moments and loads of things we had no idea were going on. There are some incredible shots and it is so great to see it all. it is amazing how fast it went and i think we would have forgotten everything if it was not for your photos.

…Thank you so so much. I also just want to say so many people have been telling me how great and unobtrusive you were and how many photos you took and how long you stayed. Thank you so much for working so hard and thoroughly- we really love the photos.

See you soon!”