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What should I do in the wedding photos?

Most people aren’t used to having photographers point cameras at them. Like Marmite you either love it or you don’t. Having a professional photographer follow you might seem intimidating, but it usually turns out to be an enjoyable experience. The reason for this is simple. Like most things in life, it just takes a bit of time to get used to. You might even miss having a personal photographer after the day!

I meet a lot of couples and the many of them tell me they hate having their photos taken. After the day they will often comment on how easy it was, and that they were surprised that they enjoyed being photographed. While I would love to take full credit, I think this is a very natural process. Once you become used to the camera, it becomes fun and releasing. If you are not used to being in front of the lens, here are a few ideas that could help you relax.Urban wedding photographer
Meet your photographer before the day. This can include, skype or a facetime chat so that you become familiar with each other. The idea is to break the ice before the big day so that on your wedding day you are at least not dealing with a complete stranger. You have some mutual understanding and you have established some common grounds for your preferences and way of approaching the photography.

On your wedding day, get your photographer to come before the ceremony and take some shots of the preparations. This is a relaxed and intimate environment and a good place to get used to being photographed. Photography is about communication (though mostly without word) and you will have established some unspoken understanding of how this works before the preparation photos

Ignore the camera! Yes that’s right (said the photographer). Concentrate on your other half, on your friends and family and remember it’s your day. Of course you might want to look into the camera in some shots but for the most part just don’t pay too much attention to that clicking object. Documentary wedding photos of real, authentic interactions and emotions tend to be the most powerful wedding photos. I even like the set up portraits to have a documentary vibe to them. Don’t worry about looking perfect in every photo, let go and trust your photographer to know what to capture and what to edit out.

Have photos taken before the day. You can get a friend or a professional photographer to take photos of you. You’ll gain some experience and hopefully some nice photos too.Engagement portrait photographer Engagement portrait photographer

This step isn’t a must in any way, but if you find yourself thinking about the photos too much then confronting your “demons” will dispel ad fears and help you relax on the day. Many wedding photographers offer pre-wedding photo shoots for this reason.

I hope these suggestions are useful to you. I truly believe that letting your personality come through is the most important thing. If you’re shy and goofy then be just that and love yourself for it. I’d love to know your thoughts and if you have any suggestion to add, leave them in the comments bellow.


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