Do wedding photos have to be cheesy?

Why are so many wedding photos cheesy?
Why do they often show such a flat representation of people and events? Surely, there must be more to weddings than this.

Working as a wedding photographer for several years here are my conclusions.
A lot of it boils down to tradition, and the photos are part of a larger trend around weddings.
The act of marriage is a junction point where the most intimate meets with hundreds of years of customs and traditions.
It’s a meeting point between two people and the establishment.
It’s not just the two of you, there are registrars, the venue, the plan, family & friends. This is exactly why it’s essential to keep the focus on the couple and the people, rather than the packaging.Countryside wedding photographer near London

In the past wedding photos had to be taken in a certain way. They were shot on film and photographers had to be more calculated. This is partly the reason for traditionally posed photos. Posed photos were the ‘safe’ shots photographers could control.
Certain types of wedding photos that were popular in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s still influence us today.
In recent years cameras have greatly improved and it is possible to capture images under previously impossible conditions. This has allowed a rise in documentary style wedding photos and has opened the door for creative and unplanned moments to be captured.Documentary wedding photography Hertfordshire

So with fewer limitations on the number of photos and how they are taken, there is great freedom and the possibility to really capture the essence of the day rather than repeating a set of steps that moulds all weddings into one shape.

Getting married, like most things in life, is a balance act between external elements and internal persona.
We don’t need to reinvent what a wedding is, or how it should be conducted but there is room for expression, creativity and authenticity.
Everyone is different so it’s important to follow your gut feeling, find your own way and not be afraid to challenge and question the norm when it is needed.

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